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Thank You & Latest Updates 2nd March 2007

Airport Sell Off ...Victory in "David and Goliath" Struggle ...Putting Passengers First ...Protect Community's Say on Development... Mail Scam Campaign Opens Pandora's Box... Leisure Centres "float off"... Better Bus Campaign Hits Top Gear... Big Ask on Climate Change... Police Merger ...More

Breakthrough on Buses! 12th February 2007

The campaign to give passengers and communities more say over bus services has reached new heights - with Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander MP promising new powers. Bus services outside London were deregulated in 1986 by the the Conservatives. Since then, standards have fallen dramatically. ...More

Crime and Police - Have Your Say 17th July 2006

Though we have record police numbers, and local crime is falling, there are still stubborn pockets of anti-social behaviour and other crime. Our police need more resources - but it is crucial they also use the officers they've got to best effect. Here is a chance to have...More

Children's Hospital Moving Ahead 2nd July 2006

Hearing that the Government had approved an initial £204 million bid for a new children’s and maternity hospital was a great moment. I was honoured to be personally invited by Woman of the Year Jane Tomlinson and parent campaigner Carol Maddocks to celebrate our success. Work on the plan continues ...More

Isobel's Law 6th March 2005

Around 4,500 local people signed the petition supporting “Isobel’s Law” that I presented to Parliament. It calls for a ban on doorstep cold calling to offer property services. Isobel Gray, an 82-year-old Leeds citizen, was brutally murdered after being a repeat victim of bogus builders. ...More

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